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Shafran Elite Company was founded in 2008, to produce toppings, jams, fillers and syrups for bars, restaurants, cafes, confectioneries, coffee shops and culinary.

At that time, with all the variety of products on the market, the founder of Shafran Elit decided to achieve his dream: to make a gustatory revolution, raise the bar for product quality and use only natural ingredients while maintaining attainable prices.

Best manufacturing technologists were working directly with experts in the fields of application of the products to implement the grandiose plan. The attention of numerous specialists was concentrated on studying the history of taste preferences and modern trends, as well as technologies for making traditional and experimental combinations of aromas.

Throughout the years, company paid significant attention to market dynamics, the search for the best price-quality ratio, implementation and expansion of the product range. To achieve the highest quality for the entire product line and to combine the acquired knowledge and skills, the founder of the company created the Sweet Madam brand.

Currently the most important task of the company is to enter the international market. Clear and fundamental understanding of the needs of the market, as well as the actual desires of the end user, ensure the achievement of said goal.

Productive cooperation and professional use of resources allows our company to define future trends of the market, as well as to develop fashion trends in application of products.

The potential of the Sweet Madam brand lies in continuous leadership, broad views and extremely clear relationships with partners and consumers.

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